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  • “Be Strong”

    I used to think strong meant how much weight someone could lift. How muscular their body was. I used to think strong meant how well someone could hold back tears when they were hurting. How well they could “grit and bear it.” I used to think strong meant stuffing your thoughts and feelings so no […]

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  • There is Still Time to Show that Swimsuit Who’s Boss!

    I see you…making up an excuse as to why you can’t make it to the beach. Skipping that breakfast because you know you’ll be wearing a bathing suit today. Buying that suit you love only to have it sit with the tags attached in the closet waiting until you “look good enough to wear it.”

    Since when did bathing suits become so powerful?


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  • Let Go

    How many of you have ever read a book or watched a movie that you didn’t like at all? That left you feeling cruddy? That bored you and felt like a waste of your time?   What did you do afterward? Did you finish it and think “I really can’t wait to read or watch […]

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  • Emotional Spring Cleaning


    Yay! Spring is here! Time for that spring cleaning… It definitely takes more than a change of season to get me excited about vacuuming and organizing closets…but here is some spring cleaning I can get behind: throwing out those habits, those thought patterns, those beliefs that aren’t serving you positively and aren’t aligned with the way […]