OCD Girl


Hello, beauty{full} friends! I’m Courtney, and I truly am thrilled that you’ve stopped by my blog! 

I’ll jump right in and say that I spent far too many years of my life feeling isolated, damaged, different and confused. I’ve had thoughts in my head that convinced me I was a bad person so I didn’t dare tell anyone. This ‘dark secret’ constantly ate away at me and truly robbed me from experiencing any joy in life.

Over the years I accrued diagnoses such as depression, social anxiety disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, eating disorder, even fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and narcolepsy before my likely underlying disorder was revealed; obsessive compulsive disorder. After realizing that my ‘dark secret’ actually had a name, and other people experienced it, too, a small weight was lifted off my spirit.

At 26 years old I was exhausted. I was tired of living the same bleak, terrifying story day after day. I no longer wanted my illness running my life. I was done being held captive by a diagnosis.

Cue the start of my gradual, challenging and sometimes down-right anxiety provoking journey to reclaiming my life!

Gaining knowledge, opening up about my struggles and connecting with others having similar experiences has been, and continues to be, so important in this personal healing process for me. Knowing how helpful those things have been to me, I decided to start this blog to create a space where mental health is discussed openly, compassionately and unapologetically, where anyone in need of support feels welcomed!

This is a vulnerable blog for me, as I am nowhere near ‘fully healed’. Each day I am still evolving, still learning, still growing. There are also those days {weeks} where I’m still making mistakes and falling back into undesirable or unhealthy thoughts and habits.

I’m not going to lie. Being devoted to more positive, gratifying mental health is a commitment I have to remind myself of everyday. But just imagine living a life where you experience true happiness, true relaxation, true energy, true self-love. That is what keeps me going. And I promise you, if I can fight a good fight, so can you!

5 Random Facts About Me Totally Non Mental Health Related:

Sometimes when we’re in the thick of struggling with an illness it’s hard to identify with anything other than that. I’m sure sometimes it doesn’t feel this way, but we’re human, we’re alive – there have to be some tidbits we can come up with about ourselves that have nothing to do with our mental health challenges!

Here is my proof I still live a life while I’m trying to figure out what kind of life I’d like to live:

1. I have moved 15 times in the last 10 years.

4 cross country trips, 6 houses, 9 apartments, 5 states and one trusty kitty cat on my lap through it all! {who says cats don’t travel well!?}

Ah, the life of a student with variable financial aid turned intern turned graduate grasping for a stable job anywhere!

Anxiety Relief

2. Happy animals make my heart smile.

Furry little kittens, tail wagging doggies, polar bears with two baby cubs, elephants taking a bath, otters holding hands while they sleep, wildlife living their wild life and humans helping to make that happen. All of this. Ah, I just can’t get enough!

3. I re-live my first date with my husband every month.

My now husband and I met at a burger joint one chilly October evening and hit it off right away. We enjoyed our night so much we didn’t want it to end. 28 months later we still return to that place on the 30th of every month {ironic because I don’t even eat burgers} reminiscing about the first day we met and how many things have changed since then; like getting married! Gag me, I know.

4. I lose my keys a minimum of 10 times per week.

Not a very fun fact, but a true one nonetheless. Totally need to add 10 minutes to any commute time to account for a game of key hide-and-seek before leaving the house.

{Also debunking the idea that having OCD always means you’re neat and organized}

5. I’m a Disney fanatic.

Disney will never get old. Or maybe I’ll never get too old for Disney…

Disney trivia is sort of my thing. I turn into a little kid when I see a preview for the next Disney Pixar movie coming out. And don’t even get me started on the Disney Princesses…


Woah, that was a lot! Now that you’ve learned all about me, what’s next?

You Can:

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– Share your personal story.