“Be Strong”

I used to think strong meant how much weight someone could lift. How muscular their body was.

I used to think strong meant how well someone could hold back tears when they were hurting. How well they could “grit and bear it.”

I used to think strong meant stuffing your thoughts and feelings so no one knew what was going on. It meant how much you could handle on your own without asking for help. I used to think strong meant mustering up a big smile when inside you were breaking down.

Pretty much, I used to think strong meant physically and mentally keeping it all together.

Today, “strong” means something very different to me than it used to.

Today, “strong” means:

– saying “no” to that disordered voice telling you to you need to exercise more, lift more and “tone up” in order to be beautiful.

– letting the floodgates open when your body wants to have a good cry.

– talking about your feelings and sharing your personal struggles {and victories} with others.

– asking for help, asking for a hug, or saying “I’m not ok” when you feel like you’re having a hard time.
– being vulnerable, honest, and present with what your mind and body are asking for.

– facing the monster of anxiety, depression, or whatever mental health struggle you’re fighting on a daily basis, but choosing to keep going.

To each of you who fight for your health everyday; you are strong. To each of you who are on the brink of giving up but choose to push through one more day; you are strong. To each of you who have “broken down”, asked for help, taken a break, shared your story, and chosen to work toward recovery; you are strong. You are inspiring. You will get through this.

Ironically, I spent so much of my life thinking I was strong for hiding my struggles and pretending to be “normal” {as if that exists}! Now, I feel the strongest each and every time I take that uncomfortable leap and share my authentic thoughts, feelings and emotions.


Thank you to each and every person who has spoken up and been authentic; helping me realize what “strong” really means.


Sending Health and Healing Your Way,



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