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  • “Be Strong”

    I used to think strong meant how much weight someone could lift. How muscular their body was. I used to think strong meant how well someone could hold back tears when they were hurting. How well they could “grit and bear it.” I used to think strong meant stuffing your thoughts and feelings so no […]

  • Blogs On Mental Health
  • Let Go

    How many of you have ever read a book or watched a movie that you didn’t like at all? That left you feeling cruddy? That bored you and felt like a waste of your time?   What did you do afterward? Did you finish it and think “I really can’t wait to read or watch […]

  • Blogs On Mental Health
  • Emotional Spring Cleaning


    Yay! Spring is here! Time for that spring cleaning… It definitely takes more than a change of season to get me excited about vacuuming and organizing closets…but here is some spring cleaning I can get behind: throwing out those habits, those thought patterns, those beliefs that aren’t serving you positively and aren’t aligned with the way […]