Share Your OCD Story

Share Your Personal Story

Your experience can make a difference!

No matter where you are on your healing journey; fully recovered or still battling your illness daily, I invite you to share your story! Writing (or drawing, recording, filming) your own story can be an incredibly cathartic experience! It may help you articulate feelings you’ve never been able to put into words, may help you recognize how far you’ve already come, may help you identify skills that have been really helpful in your healing journey, and maybe, in spite of all the darkness, could even spotlight some ways your struggles have influenced you in a positive way!


Not only can writing your story be a wonderful exercise for you personally, but also you may have a lot more in common with someone else than you think! Sharing your story can give hope and inspiration to a fellow struggler who is feeling isolated, hopeless, or doesn’t know where or how to begin to overcome their illness.


I invite you to share, in as much or little detail as you feel comfortable, your personal mental health struggles and what you’ve found to be most helpful in your learning and healing process thus far. Your story may start back when you were a young child, or it may start it as recently as yesterday…this is your story. There is no right or wrong way to tell it.


Please don’t worry about being a ‘good author’. Don’t stress over eloquent language, apostrophizes or spelling! This is meant to be an encouraging, positive exercise. If you’re finding yourself getting too anxious, triggered or stressed, wait it out until it feels like a more appropriate time for yourself.


If after documenting your story you feel like you’d like to share, please send your story to me at  I will personally read each of your stories, and may share your story, or an excerpt of it, on the Just a Girl and Her Brain blog to help inspire others.  If you would like to share your story with me, but not have it shared publicly on the blog, you got it! Just make sure to note that in your email! Stories may be submitted with your name, or anonymously.


If you’d like to share your story, but are feeling stuck, check out where my motivation for sharing stories stemmed from: The OCD Stories. On their blog you will find many courageous individuals have shared their stories as a beacon of hope and inspiration to people like you and me!