There is Still Time to Show that Swimsuit Who’s Boss!

I See You!

Yes, YOU. Making up an excuse as to why you can’t make it to the beach. Skipping that breakfast because you know you’ll be wearing a bathing suit today. Buying that suit you love only to have it sit with the tags attached in the closet waiting until you “look good enough to wear it.”


I have a confession:
I have over 25 bathing suits. And more than half of them still have tags on them, or have been worn only in front of a mirror in my bedroom for me to pick myself apart in.

Cute outfits are always capturing my attention, and I buy them with the full intention of wearing them out looking like a lovely fashionista. But when the moment arises for me to wear that cute top, dress, or bathing suit, the excuses come flooding…

I have a zit.
My abs aren’t looking good today.
I haven’t worked out in a couple of days.
I didn’t wash my hair today.
I ate pizza last night.
I’ll wear it next weekend.

I never have a shortage of excuses. So, more often than not, I wear something I deem “more appropriate” for my current state and, honestly, I go about the day a bit sad and disappointed.

So today, I put on that swimsuit. Sure, there are 345 things I can find wrong with myself in this suit, but you know what, I bought this suit because I loved it. I love the color. I love the neckline. I love the style of the back.


I find myself frequently looking back thinking I wish I would’ve just worn ____________ that day! So, I’m challenging myself to start a new pattern. Wearing what I want without having qualifying criteria to do so.

I’m starting to retrain my brain that there are no “acceptable” or “unacceptable” days to wear a bathing suit!

Don’t get me wrong; it’s NOT easy! Admittedly, I’m still not nearly as confident as I would like to be wearing a swimsuit, but I’m working toward it. Please join me and put on that suit, that dress, that top, those bottoms, whatever it is your heart desires before your mind kicks in and tries to talk you out of it.

Because trust me, regardless of what article of clothing you are, or are not wearing, happiness looks great on you!


Sending Health and Healing Your Way,

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