Emotional Spring Cleaning


Yay! Spring is here! Time for that spring cleaning…

It definitely takes more than a change of season to get me excited about vacuuming and organizing closets…but here is some spring cleaning I can get behind:

throwing out those habits, those thought patterns, those beliefs that aren’t serving you positively and aren’t aligned with the way you want to show up in the world.

One of the best things I did for myself was break up with the tabloids.  I used to spend hours each day staring at magazines comparing myself to all of the women who had “perfect” skin, “perfect” abs, “perfect” love stories and “perfect” homes.  Honestly, all it did was make me feel horrible about myself.  I also found myself continuously on a mission to find their flaws and prove the “perfectness” wrong just to feel better about myself.  Ugh, this is not the person I wanted to be!

I was up to date on all the latest hook ups and break ups, weight gain and weight loss, and who was headed to rehab next.  And, I truly never felt worse about my own physical appearance, my relationships, and my life {sigh}.

Recently, magazines started appearing in my mailbox; apparently “they’ve missed me” and were offering me a free trial trying to entice me to re-subscribe.  I have to give it to ’em, it was a great marketing strategy; I found myself instinctively perusing each magazine.

However, in practicing self-awareness, {go me!} I also noticed how I immediately started feeling terribly about myself and how much time I was wasting!  So, this time, directly in the recycling bin they go!


Preoccupation with tabloids and celebrity gossip was a habit that didn’t serve me well in the past, and I still don’t need it in my life.  I know sometimes {often} I feel like I haven’t made any progress on my healing journey, but when situations like this arise it is a wonderful reminder of how far I have really come. Continued practice of small changes eventually lead to big results!

I invite you to do your own “emotional spring cleaning.” What are some habits or thought patterns that aren’t serving you that you could do away with and tidy up your life?  There is no better time to get started than now!


Happy Spring, xoxo


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