The Year of Me

Anxiety Gone

I declare 2017 to be the year of ME.


Not who I think I’m supposed to be. Not who I think people want me to be. Not who I think society would approve of me being. Not even who that judgmental voice inside my head tells me I am.


I declare 2017 to be the year of ME.


Not the “once I tone up my {blank} I will be attractive.” Not the “once I have {blank} amount of money I will be successful.” Not the “once I have {blank} number of friends I’ll believe I’m likeable.” Not the “once I become {blank} I will be happy.”


I’ve been waiting almost 30 for all of those “once I’s” to fall into place. Truth is they never will. I will never be any of those things until I believe that I am.


So, I declare 2017 to be the year I believe in ME.


The year I truly make changes toward authentically and unapologetically embracing who I am at this very moment. The year I truly work on loving myself day by day despite the inevitable challenges, mistakes and defeat I’ll face in this crazy world.


I’ve tried fitting in. I’ve tried to be who I think I’m “supposed to be.” I’ve tried making everyone happy. I’ve tried always doing the “right thing.” I’ve beat myself up, punished myself, degraded myself and hated myself.


My whole life I’ve felt that until I was smarter, prettier, healthier, nicer, more selfless and, basically, perfect, I had nothing to offer this world or anyone in it. It feels like I’ve been waiting on the sidelines for that “stars aligning” moment to put myself into the game called life.


News flash: that moment is now!


I am, and have been, in charge of making that moment. Once I believe in myself I have everything I need. 2017 is the year I stop trying to make everyone else happy (finally accepting I can’t ever do that) and focus on loving myself.


I invite you all on this journey with me. What are some things in your life that bring you feelings of love and happiness that you’d like to see more of…do more of…be more of, this year? I invite you all to make this the year of YOU. There is plenty to go around; let’s be happy together!


Never give up; there is always hope!
~ Courtney

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  1. Hi Courtney! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, it’s great to connect with you. We’re like-minded, as mental health advocates. This is a great post, and wonderful realization to just be you, and not wait for this or that to happen before you’re happy and fulfilled. My sister recently told me “Jen, you do YOU.” Be who you want to be. Welcome to blogging! I’ve met such wonderful, supportive bloggers here, and I know you will too. Take care, Jenny

    1. Courtney says: Reply

      Thank you, Jenny! What wonderful advice from your sister. Thanks for the encouragement; I am excited to have joined the “blogging world”, and look forward to connecting with many bloggers here. Keep up the great advocacy work!

      1. Thank you Courtney! 🙂

      2. Thank you Courtney! 🙂

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